It is argued that it is time for people to stay home. I disagree. People taking to the streets is critical if car culture and the culture of obedience are to defeated.

It is important to insist on our rights as natural persons. You can call them God-given, but they are derived of our attributes as mobile, communicating, associating and reproducing organisms. Speech, perambulation, assembly, recreation, copulation and reproduction are not derived from man-made law, but from the essence of our existence.
The apparent recognition by the framers of the Constitution that people who are designated as agents of government have a proclivity for exceeding their authority, the authors of the Constitution appended some specific prohibitions coloquially referred to as a bill of rights. This was, perhaps, not a good idea because, as history has shown, prohibitions tend to trigger evasions and work-arounds (torture → enhanced interrogation).
What we are witnessing from Trump’s goons is not novel. As GWB explained “we fight them over there so we don’t have to fight them over here,” and we neglected to inquire who “them” might be. Now it turns out that “them” is any population that resists being “pacified.” The terminology tells us this has been going on for half a century overseas and slowly slithering home.
Actually, the goal is “deprivation of rights under color of law” aka “Rule of Law.” Money makes it possible because it provides cover. Poor Donald is proof.
What we need to do, if the promise of government by the people is to be achieved, is we have to assert the primacy of the person, personal rights (not even human rights) over property rights, ownership of the self, not ownership of property and/or other people.
People taking back the streets is what is important. Ahmaud Arbery was killed because he was a pedestrian. That he was black and the elder McMichael already had a complaint about him just made it easier.
The number of pedestrians killed with automobiles has been steadily increasing. Why? Because those who have bought into car culture feel threatened by people relying on their own two feet. It is a response not unlike that of an abused person facing rescue from her situation.