The Idiot

The idiot is the authoritarians’ last chance. If 2018 is not reversed and the Senate falls, then government by the people will be ascendant and the middlemen, including the party operatives will have to pack it in or find a new approach, as the folks at the Lincoln project are trying to do. You will remember that Barack Obama pictured himself as standing between the financiers and the pitchforks. Obama was the great compromiser. He agreed half-heartedly to the ACA and paid almost no attention to Dodd/Franks, which he did not understand. The latter, of course, is what is squeezing the speculative investor class, which is never again going to see a steady return of 8%. None of this has anything to do with race. Race is a convenient distraction as the idiot is making clear. There is something grossly ironic about a perpetual liar revealing truth. Truth is what is left over when all the lies have been proved.