Abstraction of the abstract.

A “business plan” is, by definition, not viable because a figment of the imagination (plan) is not a living thing. It is a symbol or simulation, but in using that term, you provide an example of the problem. Human relations have evolved to involve the trade and exchange of real goods and services, to convert a surplus into something useful for someone else.

Further, humans have invented symbolic surrogates for real goods and services to make distribution over long times and great distances easier. What has happened more recently is that the symbolic representations have supplanted the real goods and services. Wall Street is trading figments of the imagination, discounted IOUs. Meanwhile, the distribution of real goods and services has deteriorated to the point where one third of global food production is going to waste while billions of humans endure malnutrition and starvation. And that does not even take into account all the product that heads almost immediately to the dump without providing any useful service at all. (Packaging is an example, but only one).

To my mind, what has happened to the real economy is similar to what we refer to as abstract art, a representation of representation which, perhaps, reached its epitome with the fixation on various shades of white paint. An abstraction of an abstraction. How low can you go? A dissociation of function and form. Perhaps it is characteristic of humans whose processing powers are disconnected.