Why are so many people apparently eager to accept blame for something they did not do? I’m not just referring to the people who accept that their appearance, speech or behavior is what prompts others to attack. No, it is also people willing to accept supposed benefits from another’s deprivation that were not even realized. It is, apparently, more important to be part of the action than to be uninvolved. The objective observer is not valued in U.S. culture. Perhaps that is the basis for the antagonism towards intellect.

Self interest is normal? Disinterest is suspect? Why?

I ask this question in the context of the apparent eagerness of some people to identify themselves as beneficiaries of the degradation heaped on minorities through the centuries. “Oh, yes, I got privileged treatment because of my skin color—and I’m so sorry about it now!”

“Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.” Fake penitence. It’s what we learned in Catholic schools.

The Catholic Church was not all about collecting money. It was about exercising power. That is why its subject populations continue in a state of penury. Taking people’s money is designed to keep them in penury and the purpose of the penury is to maintain subservience. Power does not just hurt; it threatens survival itself.

What are 125,000 dead? Evidence of power lust.