Hiding behind a woman’s skirts

FAMILY VALUES are very popular among especially Southern politicians. I have been inclined to equate “value” with something to exploit, to claim as an effortless achievement on the part of males. I had not considered it as evidence of a wimp factor until this missive arrived.

Good evening Puddy,

You ran an add in the paper Friday. The message could be construed that nothing will change about the flag with me in office.
My wife volunteers as a counselor in a local mental health institution. Everyday she see clients who are experiencing rage and anger over the black killings.
These are very dangerous persons she counsels. She was very worried and frightened that someone might thing we are committed racists, which we are not.
She is from New York. It really upset her and made her feel very frightened that someone might act violently towards her.

I wanted to respectfully ask that in your future ads or public statements against me in the campaign, that you consider her well being and safety.
That would be much appreciated.

Thank you sir.

Cap Fendig