Flynn, Arbery, Floyd and Barr are all connected

The Department of Justice is the epitome of the prosecutorial function which, because of a loophole, has exploited absolute immunity to the hilt. If the kingpin falls, authoritarianism is lost.

Remember, it was the justice Department under Obama which argued that a person does not have a right not to be framed by a prosecutor for a crime he did not commit. Under GWB, the authoritarians tried to argue that a war POTUS has absolute power. That did not work out so well when foreign cptives on Guantanamo were able to get the SCOTUS to affirm that the Constitution mandates apply to all persons within its jurisdiction, regardless of their national designation.

Potowattamie vs. McGee was not decided in 2009 because the case was settled (the County compensated McGee for having imprisoned him on falsified evidence) after the DoJ lawyers realized the SCOTUS was about to eviscerate the sacred cow that is prosecutorial absolute immunity. What I think Barr is trying to do is argue backwards that, if a subsidiary department of the Executive has absolute immunity from judicial and legislative review, then the executive must have it too. Fact is that the prosecutors are the nexus of rot in the justice system. We have an example in Glynn County, but Jackie Johnson is by no means unique.

Ahmaud Arbery is such a perfect case, not just because he was killed by the prosecutor’s investigator’s cohorts, but because there is no possible restitution. The 200+ innocent people who have been released from death rom can be minimally compensated. Not so Arbery. Since the victim is dead, the perps cannot be ignored.