About the Christian Trumpists

The only saving grace is that they are all cowards. They cling to the promise of supremacy to compensate for their sense of inferiority. Who made them feel inferior? Their fathers or male leaders. Christianity is easy to pervert what with its commitment to the proposition that all men are created sinful (evil). It is this presumption of evil which justifies coercion (to coerce good behavior) and situates the believers (originalists) in opposition to the Constitution’s principle of probity.

Shocking as it may seem, these believers are idealists. The idea is not just a thought or figment of the imagination, but a substitute for tangible (touchable) reality. Plato wrote about them. So it is a seemingly constant variable — human beings who are out of touch with the material world.
The only question is is the condition endemic, the result of some perinatal insult, or imposed by an abusive environment. I would argue for the former, but do not know. Although I spent my first twenty years in a Catholic environment, it was one directed by women, symbols of maternity, not a paternal lust for power. (The latter is what we see in the behavior of William Barr, the writings of William F. Buckley and the pedophile scandal).