A promising title but metaphorical, rather than real.

So, I left a comment:

<blockquote>Two points:

Protection is a racket. It presumes a threat. So, if there is none, a threat has to be created.

The law is unjust. The proponents of the rule of law have discovered an impersonal instrument to effect domination with impunity because there is no head to lob off. ‘Tis a wonderful discovery. Moreover, money makes it possible to prefer and punish arbitrarily without a hint of who’s responsible for the systematic deprivation of the majority.

You see, the hoarding of currency in the accounts of a few is not the problem. The problem is the deprivation of the many so that they cannot even bail themselves out of jail.

It is not a zero sum issue. The potential quantity of currency is infinite. Congress has just distributed four trillion dollars with no problem.

Deprivation, a less than lethal measure, is the issue. Deprivation is not predatory; it does not aim to kill. Deprivation is sadistic; it merely aims to harm.

Deprivation under cover of law is a well-recognized crime. However, consistent with the materialistic focus of our legal system, the deprivation has to have material value. Satisfying the lust for power does not count.

Perhaps the experience of lustful Donald will help change that. Poor Donald is the deprivators’ avatar.</blockquote>