MLK is a poor example for protesters to follow

True. The question is why paying attention to or focusing on results is so much more prevalent than dealing with agency or cause. The habit of arguing from the effect backwards to the cause is probably the result of effects being easy to see and permanent while agency or action is fleeting, happens before we can register what is going on.

That is why, in large part, we require those who are hired to ACT on our behalf to keep records of their decision-making and their actions so we can order corrections in retrospect. And that is why our public servants are so resistant to keeping those records and having them reviewed. They used to object to paperwork because of the time incolved in writing and correcting. About 35 years ago, computing machines were invented and distributed to make record keeping easy. IT persons were hired to develop forms to fill in and make it even easier. More recently many public servants were outfitted with cameras to track their activities in real time. Some block the lenses, if they cannot turn the device off. Our public servants do not want to be tracked. Some are convinced they are not servants at all. Some are sincerely incredulous at the notion that they are employed by the public. What we need is a serious attitude adjustment and that is not going to be accomplished via sporadic protests.

How did it happen that the Chief of Police in Minneapolis set up a 35 person Advisory Board that only met twice in three years without vociferous objection from the citizens he recruited?