A topical theme seems to be how people have spent the pandemic, so far. For a homebody like me, the routine has hardly changed, except that I spend almost no time in the car going to meetings. That suitsme fine,but I do worry whether the car will start when I actually need it.

In the next few days more blueberries will have to be picked. They do not ripen all at once, even on the same bush. I still have not figured out what makes one bush fruitful and its neighbor not. Vines seem not to make a difference.

Made a pie out of last year’s frozen berries yesterday and it was pronounced good. The teeny tiny seeds tend to get under my dentures and hurt like the dickens (whatever that means).

Now an updated version of SHIP OF STATE waits to be read. The other day I figured out how to transfer the file from a mail to an editing program. Puddy insists on composing in mail as a matter of convenience.