Accounting for the pandemic debacle

Perhaps we should refer to it as the slaveholder mentality, which persists in the patriarchy and family values, the illusion that father not only knows best, but will protect and care for subordinates. The problem with this perspective is that the “owners” not only do not recognize their obligations but are totally lacking in the skills to carry them out. They inherit a status they know not what to do with.

In the industrial, commercial and agricultural sector, the failures have been masked by reducing them to numbers and declaring bankruptcy to wipe the failures off the board. In a sense, although corporations are organized to minimize risk, the effects of failure, they do it not by denying failure, but by assigning blame to a designated figurehead, so that the taking of corrective action is not hampered by intimidation. In that sense, the corporation or artificial body (including the federation of states) is the antithesis of the inerrant patriarchy. Which tells us why Poor Donald, who refuses to take any responsibility, is totally unfit for the job, even as he is the poster boy of the patriarchs.

Patriarchy is what Iran, Russia and the U.S. have in common. Dictatorship as an extension of family values, rather than some technical competency.

Patriarchs make bad decisions and then blame the deity.