Circling back

thank you for the  blog entry you sent me back in December.  Here’s how I used it:

In 2006, Tom spent months on the road helping his fellow Democrats take back control of both the House of Representatives and the Senate for the first time in twelve years. And in New Hampshire, he helped two Democrats replace the two Republicans who represented the Granite State in the House, and helped his party take the majority of seats in the state house, senate, and executive council.
After that victory, Barack Obama, the junior senator from Illinois, was invited to give the key-note address at the Jefferson-Jackson Dinner in Manchester. After giving pro-forma thanks for being invited to speak and after briefly recognizing those who had won their races, he launched into what was clearly a stump speech for 2008, using stock phrases and platitudes, including “we the people”, “public servants and public service”, “leaders and leadership”, “activists and agitators”, “will and imagination”,  “American values”, and “audacity”.
Sitting with Obama at the table of honor, Tom held his tongue. But on the way home with Sarah, Tom said “Clinton called himself ‘The Man from Hope’ and Obama was touting his new book, The Audacity of Hope, but he’s got a bad case of the audacity of hype.”
“Jealous, are we?” asked Sarah.
“Just a little,” Tom admitted.
A mile later, he stage-whispered “L’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace!
“I prefer George Patton’s interpretation,” yawned Sarah.
Back in Washington the following week, after he and others at the celebration received post cards from Obama thanking them for joining him, Tom reminded his older but junior colleague that hejoined them, not the other way around.
“Point taken,” replied Obama.