Milo’s Communications

Learning during the pandemic.

I    Dear Hannah,

Papa told me that you wanted to buy me something, I do not know the truth behind this but here’s an amazon wish list…LINK
II    Dear Hannah

I am sorry for my doubt and disrespect. I will do better in the future and I will keep in mind what you have said to me about this issue as well as your advice on online communication. Finally, I would be delighted to send you an audio sample.

-Milo Silvasmith
P.S. I am sorry you find offense in my email address.
III  Dear Hannah,

Thank you for the microphone, headphones, microphone windscreen. The microphone has much better audio quality than the one built into my current headset and it fits nicely on my desk. However, the headphones and windscreen are not what I was looking for and I would like to return them. If you would Initiate a return on the headphones and windscreen, and forward the shipping label to me I will send them off. The main issues I had with these two items were that the windscreen was too large and obstructed my screen, and the headphones lack THX 7.1 surround sound integration. Also having the microphone on the headset as well is a nice backup. Additionally I neglected to mention last time that the most important item on the list was the mouse as the one I have currently is broken.
-Milo Silvasmith
IV    Dear Hannah,

The mouse is a critical piece of equipment for any who chooses to use a computer! The mouse I included on my list is the same model that I have been using for the last 3 or 4 years -the average lifespan of a mouse- and I have grown very comfortable with it. At this point in time I have become quite reliant on the 5 side buttons, and of course adjustable DPI is something every good mouse has. This is also one of the very few mice I have used that actually feels natural to hold; most are either too small, awkwardly shaped, or a combination of both. As for what a mouse has to do with audio and broadcasting, well, everything and nothing. While they are not directly correlated, you cannot capture or edit gameplay or audio without a mouse…

Love, Milo