Trapped at Sea

The Brunswick News story about a couple from Saint Simons who took a cruise on March 7th around the tip of South America to Valparaiso and then the Holland American Liner, Zaandam, was not permitted to dock because of COVID-19 on board and four dead people in the shipboard morgue, reminds me.

Having arrived in New york harbor four times between 1949 and 1957 on ships from Europe and South America (Valparaiso, in fact), I can understand the urge to experience some time at sea and then return to land. Indeed, I’ve been tempted myself to take a cruise and renew old sensations. The trip therough the Panama Canal and the Caribbean, in particular, has really faded from memory. After six weeks on a freighter and nine months in Chile, the two week trip home to the USA was really anticlimactic.

On the other hand, the six weeks on a freighter steaming from San Diego to Valparaiso are unforgetable. I also remember being transfered to a tender to land in Buenaventura, Colombia where the freighter had languished at anchor for eleven days.