Memorial Exchange

Mary Clifton Horrigan is a resident in a home for the elderly whose managers had the clever notion to photograph the residents and send pictures to loved ones who can no longer visit.

Hello Monica/Hannah/Sidndey,


Although you do not hear from me often (if at all),
I do keep up with your doings via facebook and
occasionally your blog.

All is well here. We are all in lockdown : me in my
room here at WSL, Tim and Kathy in Durham, and
Ellie and family in Nedham, MA. Both twins are
home tele-communicating to classes, Alex to Boston
University and Chris to Tufts (also in Boston). How
long will this last?

Today is the twins birthday also.

I hope you can get out, work in the garden, walk, etc.

This picture was taken in my room (as was every
other resident) by a staff member and sent to her/his

Hope you both are well and stay that way,


Mary Clifton Horrigan

I suggested she should not let the tree squeeze her and she updated its history:

Dear Monica,

Yes, the tree.
“And that tree! Just take care it doesn’t get animated and give
you a squeeze!”

This tree has more history than you may think. In Feb. 1991 you
sent Jim and me a Happy Spring present of a Norfork pine tree which
arrived on St. Valentine’s day. That is the day that Arthur Foss,
Ray’s father, was killed in an automobile wreck near Rochester, NH.
It was cold and snowing that day. Your tree arrived on our front
porch while we were helping Kathy and Ray. Unfortunately, the
tree got killed by the cold; but a small sprout from a root survived
and grew up to be the big tree in the picture! 8)

Happy Spring and stay well!