Needy providers are a no-no


People who call themselves Republicans are triangulators par excellence. That is because they are not doers. Rather, they are instigators, order givers and opportunity providers A directs B to effect/affect C. Consequently, A is not responsible for anything because he has done nothing. Corporations follow this pattern on a grand scale. The Republican stewards of our currency rely on corporations to play the B part. If they were Mafia dons, B would fall to the henchmen. I am almost convinced this pattern is endemic in the species, necessary to survival because many humans are such careless parents they need to be prompted to nourish the young by their incessant cries. In other words, infants with strong lungs and vocal chords were more likely to survive absent a system of social support. Ironically, the demanding personality then serves to organize social support on an ongoing basis. Natural born caregivers do not need this social structure and may even resent what they consider unnecessary prompts. Never mind that over time the “opportunity providers” are likely to be clueless as to what is actually needed. We have to stop hiring the needy to be providers.