How to find Trumpism logical

I need to reconcile why apparently reasonable people are dedicated to Trump. Also why they claim compliance with the law even as they are flouting it and logic.
First off, of course, people not only lie but resort to deception whenever they are challenged. Have they been trained to escape negative consequences with deception or is that just a primitive self-preserving response?

That second sentence is prompted by the report that one of the major polling organizations claims 55% support for how Poor Donald is handling the pandemic response. 55% obviously includes more than the unthinking base of 30% illiterates. These same people are convinced that Obama was a great failure. On what basis?

While I would agree that Obama was a failure in meeting my expectations, it would be because he did not remove all U.S. troops from Iraq, he sanctioned many killings by drone and he failed to take the fight to Congress. Worse, he was persuaded that reducing the mystical deficit, which is a Republican scam to get Democrats to act against the people’s interests, was a crowning achievement. All that did was set the stage for Republicans to distribute dollars to their corporate supporters and create the mess we are now in.

But, why is Trump seen as a good manager? I’m thinking it may have to do with the general assumption that the POTUS manages Congress. So, when the Senate goes along with nominations, Trump gets the credit and Obama continues to get blamed for the Congress that failed to do anything.

Certainly, Obama is not seen as a failure by the majority that elected him twice, but the lingering recession should have been addressed. Democrats need to take a lesson from big-spending Trump and re-direct the money where it actually belongs. The corporate sector has proved to be bad stewards.

I do want to make the point that relying on racial antagonism as an explanation does not work for me. Some people voted for Obama and then voted for Trump. Perhaps they were motivated by revenge both time………