In response to the report Trump is seeking exclusive rights to a vaccine.

Exclusivity is perceived, by some people, as a good in itself. It signals “special” or “superior” to persons who are suffering from an inferiority complex arising from the fact that they are basically incompetent.

The monetary situation which accompanies exclusivity to either increase accumulation or promote colateral deprivation is a convenient cover that disguises the personal malevolence from which exclusivity arises.
That exclusivity is inherently malevolent when directed at members of our own species is being actively and systematically denied by the commercial class, which touts the behavior as a revenue enhancer. But, getting rich by shutting some people out, whether or not, or because they are performing useful work, is malevolent. Exploiting our own kind, whether by coercing their participation or arbitrarily excluding them is immoral. Why? Because humans are social organisms whose survival depends on social support. Deprivation, except as punishment for crime (insult or injury to another person), is wrong.
”That which does not kill me makes me stronger,” may provide some consolation, but it also excuses immoral behavior we should not tolerate.