Making it look presentable

At this point almost all pain is gone eveb when the nose is poked. The surgeon has apparently reconsidered and proposes to continue digging at the site while I am awake.

Meanwhile, I have been reading up on AFib, which the cardiologist wants to correct with a valve job. Right. The literature suggests that the regimen of pills prescribed for this common abnormality is pretty much agreed on, but there is no evidence that it actually works to prevent stroke or clots.

When I mentioned to the cardiologist that the last time I saw a doctor was for muscle weakness in my right leg. He asked “how do you know it was not a clot?” I said because with exercise it got better.

The literature that comes with the pills says not to stop taking them abruptly. So, I asked what is a gradual cessation and got no answer. I am certainly not taking four pills a day for the rest of my life.