My Nose

The surgeon cut off half the front and then decided more needed to go and I would have to be hopitalized in a few days so he could cut out more and fix a flap from my forehead to close the hole. Meanwhile, because my heart rate was elevated, I was supposed to get a clearance from the cardiologist to get the surgery under anathesia.

The cardiologist had a sick day, so I am to see him tomorrow, when he is all better, and get his OK. In the mean time I have been provided 30 oxycodone pills for pain. It has been three hours since they stopped cutting and the local anasthetic has worn off. I can feel my nose running and some small discomfort. Nothing to take hydrocodone for.

However, I would note that the surgical procedures have become so pain free that it is no wonder people complain when they perceive pain during recovery and ask for pills. That said, I am probably insensitive.

Update on Wednesday:
Took no pain pills and felt no pain. Palstic surgery center just called to see how I am doing. I said, fine. Rnewed the gauze and taped it to my face. Needs to be tailored since the paper tape is just a tad too wide. LOL

Thursday, images of bandages. That little rectangle is supposedly non-stick gauze.