Trump has a habit of assigning blame where it does not belong. He was not impeached and  declared to be dishonorable because he fired Comey. Though that was also wrong, as was the effort to remove Marie Yovanovitch surreptitiously.

What is wrong is the habitual extortion he engages in to get things he is not entitled to have. This behavior surfaces in his relations with employees, women and assorted contractors. When he offered up a couple of U.S. citizens to be harassed by the corrupt judiciary in a foreign country, he really went too far. Couching it in terms of an intent to promote his retention  in office by knocking out a competitor is putting lipstick on a pig.

That is, this violation of U.S. principle is so eggregious that supporters in Congress do not even want to admit what he did. If the Bidens were not Americans, we could say that another extraordinary rendition was in the works and was only short-circuited by Zelensky’s good sense.

But, the U.S. handing over citizens for prosecution in another country is such a gross violation that it  cannot be mentioned. He has called the claim of U.S. sovereignty into question.

The killing of Soleimani challenged the sovereignty of  Iraq, but that was in another country and the victim was a military target.

Selling out the Bidens and setting them up as a target is inexcusable. Like incest, it has to be hidden.