On the “gutting” of the clean water act.

First of all, an act does not “protect,” especially not when all that is required is the collection of a lot of data. Secondly, there is no clean water left to protect. Rain water used to be clean enough to drink. No longer.

There is no effort to clean up surface waters. Never mind underground acquifers. New Mexico is permitting fresh water to be pumped and mixed with chamicals to be injected to crack rock and pump out oil. Fracking water is classified as waste water that does not need to be cleaned up. Finally, putting the Coast Guard, whose mission is to keep waters navigable for boats in charge of inland fresh-water marches and wetlands is just plain stupid—just as stupid as putting Fish and Wildlife, whose mission is to promote sport fishing and hunting, in charge of oceanside wetlands. The argument that federal agensies have been hijacked or suborned by corporate and/or commercial interests is misplaced. The agencies, under the auspices of the Commerce Clause, were organized to promote the conversion of our natural resources into money—to take free gods to market for an easy profit.

Btw, if Obama had taken the fight to Congress, instead of trying to finagle the law with executive orders, it would not be possible for the current administration to reverse course.

Color me disgusted.