Gõtterdämmerung on the Potomac

I used to refer to Wallywood as what Ronald Reagan brought to the capital on the Potomac. I blamed his entourage of failed script writers for making a mess. But, I realize now Reagan was just a front for the backlash against the threatened ascendancy of the public seeking to get a hold on the reins of government.

In restrospect, the agenda is clear. The results leave no question  Over four decades, the object, directed by Congress, has been to starve the beast. Literally. The public was to be put on short rations, to make them work more and longer hours just to survive so they would not have time for civic involement.

It did not work.  Why?  Because the authoritarians clinging desperately to power underestimated popular cleverness.  Which was to be expected, actually. After all, authoritarians are authoritarians because they are talentless.