Authoritarians are presumptuous folk

The Trilateral Commission is a good example. It is made up of self-designated leaders who presume to offer advice to the global community.

The Trilateral Commission is a non-governmental, policy-oriented forum that brings together leaders in their individual capacity from the worlds of business, government, academia, press and media, as well as civil society. The Commission offers a global platform for open dialogue, reaching out to those with different views and engaging with decision makers from around the world with the aim of finding solutions to the great geopolitical, economic and social challenges of our time. Its members share a firm belief in the values of rule of law, democratic government, human rights, freedom of speech and free enterprise that underpin human progress. Members are also committed to supporting a rules-based international system, closer cooperation across borders and respect for the diversity of approaches to policy issues.

My interest in taking a look at what this organization, which was started in 1973 by David Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter, is up to, was prompted by a realization that the result of triangulation is a trilateral commission of acts whose agency is impossible to identify because it has been split between the instigator and the agent.

To a certain extent, having a formal do-nothing assemblage from three global sectors (North America, Europe and North Pacific) disguises the actual trilateral commission of insults around the globe, including U.S. assaults on the Middle East to impress Russia and China.

Perhaps an alalysis of the self-assigned mission of the Commission (apparently set up in response to the civil rights revolution in the U.S.) should begin with a consideration of the difference between “democratic government” and government by the people. Maybe it is just the difference between intent and agency as signalled by the three prepositions “of,” “for,” and “by.”

Prepositions are poorly named according to their placement in relation to a person, thing or agent, instead of identifying them as signals of process, function or agency. Prepositions announce there is something going on. Something’s happening. And that is what concrete bilateral thinkers do not get.

Does that mean that the triangle identifies an inherently dynamic state? Does the triangle represent change? Is the triune god a deity in flux? If so, what is the instrument of perception? How do we perceive change if it cannot be seen? What is it that binary thinkers are missing? Wherein lies the sense of sequence? When there is damage to the prefrontal cortex, it goes missing.