Thoughts of the morning—Parnas et al

There is a whole lot of “after me the deluge” going on. People who know their time is up want to go out with guns blazing. They do not care whom they take out. At some point, Don the incompetent will become dispensible. But they are going to hold out as long as possible waiting for the biggest show.

Meanwhile, the value of the independent states will be proved. We do not actually need the federal government. These last three years have demonstrated that. We are not under actual attack by foreign forces. A few migrants at the southern border do not count.
The federal expenditures are at $14 trillion. That cannot be stopped or diverted by the incompetent. Ukraine was an effort to control the flow of money and failed. The underground real economy, the cushion that prevented a recession from turning into a depression has grown to well over $2 trillion. As instability increases, people will resort to doing their own thing.
One thing we should probably consider is the extent to which totalitarianism relies on script that has a restricted readership (the languages written in Cyrillic, Hebrew, Arabic that keep their people isolated). China is interesting in that all the children are now learning English as a unifying tongue with script that is easier to learn than the chinese characters.
This leads to the awareness that the Dude’s use of language is grossly deficient. Michael Cohen called it speaking in code. Cohen is now sitting in prison because he deciphered the code as instructions to perform illegal acts. Lev Parnas not only realized when the tide had turned, but he’d been saving insurance along the way. Parnas, by the way, has a first wife. She is a drug rehabilitation councillor and likely the mother of at least two of his five children. Svetlana claims them all. Four boys and one girl. The boys all have Lev’s distinctive ears. The argument by the government that Lev is a permanent flight risk was ludicrous.
The arrest of Parnas and Fruman on violations of FEC regulations when that body is not even meeting regularly because it has no quorum is suspect. And why charge the donors rather than the recipients? Because that is how Capitol Hill structured the law to protect themselves.
This is going to go on for years. The Dude has uncovered a lot of rot.
”Patience, Grasshopper.”

Why did this happen? Because Donald John does not pay. Free labor is just not reliable.LOL