Re: Parnas and Fruman

LEGISLATIVE BRANCH: sets policy and provides resources
EXECUTIVE BRANCH: uses resources to carry out programs
JUDICIAL BRANCH: monitors legislature and executive for compliance with Constitution

None of these entities are tasked with dealing with individual natural persons unless they are asked

So how is giving a public servant a gift a crime but his extortion and the acceptance of it is not? Because Congress exempted itself from the laws of logic and SCOTUS was persuaded that, when it comes to the use of money to influence the legislative branch, foreigners and corporations are different. That there is something screwy about the agents responsible for issuing the currency asking for kickbacks was not argued in the Citizens United case.

Besides, the complaint was filed by Republican royalists whose commitment to the people governing is non-existent. They want citizens recognized as superior.

Things to keep in mind as you consider the foreign born Parnas and Fruman being charged with campaign finance crimes. The U.S. has a long history of relying on the law to advantage some people and subordinate others.

Our agents of government are supposed to be responsive to complaint. They are not supposed to be focused on rendering the citizenry compliant.