Publicity Stunts

Trump does nothing. Trump instigates via inuendo. He has henchmen who carry out orders. He’s a triangulator par excellence.

This kind of behavior is what made RICO legislation necessary. And it is probably also why Trump was/is so sensitive to the charge of collusion and/or conspiracy. He’s is very careful not to commit things to writing and avoid overt threats. With “going through some things” he really skirted the edge.

However, let me suggest that, if we start from the assumption that the main object is always to get media attention and public notice, then a near host of actions can be classified as just publicity stunts that, unfortunately, have collateral damage. Examples?

The birth certificate kerfuffle, the Bengazi investigation, the email server hunt, the Biden/Burisa investigation, the stalking of Yovanovitch, the assassination of Soleimani, the rigging of the impeachment inquiry, etc.

Trump targets persons, but the targeting is not personal. It’s not ideological like Bush’s mission to bring democracy to the cradle of civilization. Rather, Trump has only one objective—self-promotion. And, that, unfortunately is not evidence of criminal intent. It is, however, a violation of his oath of office and, ipso facto, reason to remove him from office.

True, Trump has done nothing wrong. However, he has not done right. He has been derelict in the extreme. That he does not keep his salary is not an excuse. He has violated the publid trust, much as he violated his spouses’ trust. He is a dishonorable person.