The Impeachment Managers

Speaker Pelosi has chosen seven experienced persons. Will the Dude grandstand and verbally attack each in turn?  If he does, he should be ignored.

* Crow is an Armed Services Committee member, an experienced lawyer, and a decorated Army Ranger who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. (He’s one of two freshmen on the seven-member team, having only been in Congress for 12 months.)

* Demings serves on both the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees, and is a former chief of police in Orlando.

* Garcia is a House Judiciary Committee member and a former judge in Houston. (Like Crow, Garcia has only been in Congress for one year.)

* Jeffries is a Judiciary Committee member, an experienced lawyer, and a former clerk for a judge.

* Lofgren has the unique experience of having been a Judiciary Committee staffer when the panel was preparing to impeach Richard Nixon, a Judiciary Committee member during Bill Clinton’s impeachment, and will serve as an impeachment manager against Trump.

* Nadler is a lawyer and a longtime member of the House Judiciary Committee, which he currently chairs.

* Schiff is chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, but he’s also a former federal prosecutor. Just as notable, he’s served as a Senate impeachment manager before – along with Lofgren – in the 2010 case against Judge Thomas Porteous.

Incidentally, before today, every presidential impeachment manager in American history was a white man. Of the seven members of the current team, most are not white men.