Authoritarianism, the basis

Trump and Barr are of a mind.

Making the argument that “to represent” means to act as a substitute, as “in loco parentis” aims to act in place of a prents who knows better than the children and, according to the law, owns them. So, what we have here is an effort to reestablish the role of the slave-owner over all the population, regardless of any personal characteristics. Not a race based or gender based authoritarian regime that is fairly objective and democratic because people get to choose their overseers. People choosing authoritarianism. That’s the ticket. Why would people do that? Because it protects them from responsibility and the possibility of making mistakes. Avoiding mistakes is apparently very important to people who were perhaps punished for making them when they were young. Lucky the clever child which could anticipate what was wanted and was spared the rod. What is authoritarianism but institutionalized abuse?