Musings on Barr, the Consigliere

First of all, inserting consigliere into the title is not helpful.
Secondly, the issue is about much more than Trump.

As a matter of fact and as a consequence of Congressional inaction in failing to set rules and regulations for the operations of prosecutors, we do have a class of public servants that enjoys ABSOLUTE IMMUNITY from having their performance in office reviewed by anyone. The history and rationale for this situation was laid out in a fairly recent SCOTUS hearing on a case, Pottawattamie vs. McGhee…
where it looked like the SCOTUS was about to invalidate the absolute immunity of prosecutors, based on the assumption that they were merely pass-throughs, not decision-makers. Because the prosecutors could read where the court was headed, the case was settled BEFORE they could render a decision.
If you look at the SCOTUS decisions in support of FOIA and knocking down surveillance a record gathering during the GWB reign, you can see that the trend is not favorable to authoritarians or dictators. Somebody apparently put a bug in Trump’s ear about immunity. He referenced it at the January 11, 2017 press conference where he claimed to have learned about “no conflict of interest” a couple of months before.…
I am not sure he knows what conflict of interest means, but he seemed to think he was going to be home free. Once one factors in that presumption, then all his subsequent behavior is consistent.
Bill Barr is a lot like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone, people who have been working for decades to reverse government by the people. “Representative Republic” is really the equivalent of “in loco parentis,” the posture of establishments of higher education acting in place of parents who, of course, own their children. Authority is derived from paternity. That is the male-headed society for which they yearn. It is, after all, the model exemplified by the Roman Catholic Church for which, you will remember, GWB developed some affection.
Barr and Manafort and that great spokesman for conservatism, William F. Buckley, Jr are all Catholics. In addition to being male-centric, the Catholic Church relies on shared guilt and the forgiveness of evil behavior to keep its members tied to each other. And not just the clergy. Guilt by association is a logical flaw. However, people associated by a shared guilt for having done wrong to an innocent third party have a hard time getting out. Oh, and the innocence of the victims is a feature. It makes retaliation less likely.
Yes, the Mafia pattern is the same. It is not a coincidence.
How do I know this? Ten years of Catholic education, including college and some graduate school at Georgetown. Georgetown, btw, is Clinton’s alma mater. Much was made of him going off to England to escape the draft, but it was the Jesuits who trained him.