Musings in response to the withdrawal of Steve Bullock

The Democratic Party’s last stand. When we have government by the people who vet and hire their own candidates, then permanent self-selected political operatives, consultants, managers, pollsters and publicists will all be out of jobs, just like coal miners and insurance salesmen.

It is shameful that we expect candidates for public office to promote themselves and demonstrate superior begging skills. On the other hand, the statur of the POTUS has sunk so low that the job is not worth having. The irony is that Trump promised to be self-funding and not money-grubbing and then he surrendered to Manafort who had spent four decades degrading the electoral process and collecting fat fees for dragging others into the gutter with him.
The goal? To undermine and overturn the civil rights achievements of the sixties by monetizing the process of hiring public servants. Remember “The Selling of the President”? It never stopped. Instead they ended up selling every other slot.
Of course, it was easier when the electorate was select, when women voted like their husbands (who also did the shopping) and children voted like dad. Over the decades it has gotten harder to “thin the herd” and maintain the exclusiveness that status conscious people value. So, while the Republican party has already collapsed under the onslaught of the moralists and fake tea party folk, it’s the Democrats’ Last Stand. That explains the “fighting” meme. What isn’t being explained is who’s being fought, just as GWB did not specify what he meant when he said “we fight them over there, so we don’t have to fight them over here.”
Who are “them”? People who do not want to be coerced either by the culture of obedience, the pacification teams or empire hungry oligarchs or oilygarchs. Self-government. It is an attractive notion. The people on the streets of Hong Kong understand it. The people who hired an entertainer in Ukraine understand it. The people who selected a new Mayor in Istanbul understand it. The people who stand vigil outside the White House get it, too.
Who doesn’t get it? For sure, the fourth estate, which is still convinced democracy needs to be explicated by them. How else will they fill the piggybank?