Musing on the future of black gold

One of the things often ignored about oil reserves is that they are identified by what has been officially identified as a result of geologic investigation. That is why the reserves keep growing.

I became aware of that during the Iraq occupation when, while the U.S.was busy fending off resistance fighters, German geologists were exploring for oil in the Syrian deserts and finding it. And now Trump has been persuaded to keep some troops in Syria to “protect the oil fields.” And how have the Kurds been financing their protection? By selling oil to the Scandinavians.

What I want to know now is who, besides Flynn and Tillerson and Manafort and Kilimnik and McConnell and Graham is in on the pro-Russian caper. ExxonMobil, Tillerson’s previous employer, supposedly contracted with Russia to exploit gigantic oil reserves, a project that is being stymied by the “sanctions.” So now the gambit seems to be, “if you don’t let us exploit the oil (black gold), we are going to reactivate the nuclear energy program (just as Iran is doing).” If they are getting desperate, it is because solar and wind are taking over and soon oil as a source of wealth will be moot. And so, for that matter will the quest for more land. If there are no minerals to exploit, what is the point of territorial conques