For the record

This is the communication that was provided to a complainant after he was contacted by telephone and informated that he had been ordered to appear in court the next day. Service by the Sheriff’s deputy was never completed. This is of some interest because the Sheriff was just authorized to acquire more vehicle to facilitate the delivery of subpoenas and summonses.

TO: Julian Smith

YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED that laying all other business aside, you are to appear at the State Court of Glynn County on the first floor, in the State Court amCourtroom, Criminal Division, before the Honorable Bart G. Altman, at 9:00 AM on 10/30/2019 to be sworn as a witness for the State in the case of

The State of Georgia
Charles E. Bryant, Jr. Case # CR21905840

Further, you are required to attend from day to day and from time to time until this matter is disposed. HEREIN FAIL NOT, under the penalty of the law by authority of the Judge of said Court this 10/30/2019.

If you have questions, please contact
the requesting attorney, named below:

Solicitor of Glynn County State Court

As it happened, the named Judge was not in attendance. The retired magistrate Judge who took his place wanted to know why the complainant whose tools and cell phones had been stolem and sold by someone he sought to help with shelter and paid labor had been so stupid as to engage with a person who had recently been let out of prison. And the magistrate complained (jokingly) that he had been summoned to be in court because a complaint had been filed.

The diposition of the matter is unknown because the magistrate’s ruling was inaudible to the complainant. This is not unusual. While court sessions are held in public, the participants tend to mutter and mumble so no-one sitting in the gallery actually knows what is going on.

The judges want an addition to the Court House so they can have private rest rooms. I don’t think so.

P.S. I, Hannah did not attend the hearing. The hearing at which the bogus theft charges against Julian Smith were dismissed as unfounded (after 15 months of due deliberation) was no different of other hearings I have attended as an observer.