Demoracy involves a lot of work. It is sort of like housework. Not attractive to lazy people.

Money makes it possible for lazy people to hire others to work for them. Reproduction seems to provide workers for free. The woman’s labor provides labor. Reason enough not to let women decide whether to reproduce or not.

Human husbandry pretty much requires that females reproduce on demand.

I am reminded that my mother always said her mother taught her how to work. But, during the sixty-five years I knew her, she hardly did any work and before I was born, she had a housekeeper after she moved out of her parents’ house. During the war she looked after me at a guest house and then on the farm where all but the firewood was supplied. She refused to do any sewing for the farmers because they were socially beneath her. When she came to live with us in Ithaca, she refused to babysit because that would be too much responsibility. She did tell me I should have a housekeeper.

Funny it never registered that she was lazy.

Mother was a Republican.