It wasn’t about the content of Clinton’s emails. It was about whether electronic documents need to be archived and preserved according to the official records acts, just like ordinary documents.
When electronic mail first arrived on the scene, it was widely assumed in governmental agencies, including the White House and on Capitol Hill that it would be sufficient to deal with electronic mail as they did phone calls—keep a log of the call, the paries to the conversation and the topics discussed and be done with it.
Then came the case of the CIA interrogation tapes which had been destroyed and the SCOTUS ruling that their destruction was a violation of record keeping requirements. That was followed by the release of the video by Manning, which revealed not just that military trageted journalists on the ground, but that the DoD had been recording ALL military engagements as a time-saving and auditing strategy. Which is why a big deal had to be made of Manning to keep other military personnel from spilling the beans.
People on Capitol Hill were doubtless hoping to carve out an exception for official records that were collected off-site, sort of like they have exempted the phone calls they make to solicit contributions from off-site boiler rooms. (Beto O’Rourke has revealed in some detail how many hours of a Congressman’s workday are consumed by making extortion calls from an undisclosed location).
Unfortunately, during her few years on Capitol Hill, Hillary Clinton apparently subscribed fully to the extortionist culture that reigns there and Republicans have some reason to be jealous of the successful foundation scam, an exercise in enhancing self-importance and “charity” at the same time.
As poor Donald John is demonstrating in spades, Republicans are not very good at the con. If their friends foresake them, they end up in jail.
Also, laziness is a problem. Why are Trump’s phone calls now being recorded, instead of just logged with associated talking points? Because Trump cannot be trusted to stick to an agenda. Why have the records been uploaded to a super-secret server? In hopes of keeping them hidden until after he leaves office.
FOIA is a real PITA. FOIA is the key to the people governing. FOIA is the guarantor of democracy.