Money and the law

Money and the law are both figments of the imagination which, in combination, effect the subordination of human beings and render them compliant without them noticing the source of the constraints holding them in chains.
Money and the law are utilitarian inventions designed to facilitate transactions and human interactions. But, as is true with all other tools, money and the law are liable to being abused.
”Rule of law” is a deceptive phrase. It not only suggests, in being presented as a positive, that justice and law are synonymous, but that it is a given that human beings are to be ruled. Thus, the rule of law is actually a perversion of the principles on which the Constitution is based— that the natural person’s behavior is inherently good (principle of probity) and that those to whom powers are assigned are to be strictly controlled.
That is, all of the duties, obligations and prohibitions outlined in the Constitution are addressed to agents of government and it is their subservience to law and order that is currently being tested.