Illiterati, illuminati, elite

So, 30% of U.S. adults are functionally illiterate. That is, they can decipher words, but they do not know what, taken together, they mean. How do they get along? They hear and repeat what other people say. They rely on mimicr, not to make sport of people, but to be in tune. Speech is the key to their continued existence. They need it to extort sustenance for themselves. They congregate in groups dedicated to “conversation.” Why would we be surprised that they have found a home in legislative bodies where “all talk, no action” is par for the course?

Having observed a person with a photographic memory “read” by slowly turning the pages of a book and capturing an image of it, I’d hazzard a guess that such a person is also illiterate, a walking, talking google index with no idea what the information content means.