Medical report

Exec summary:

Just got home and am having an avocado. The cardio guy says there are two leaking valves and one dead zone where I probably had a heart attack in the past. He wants to do a valve job; we settled on five prescriptions (beta blocker, water pill, heart strengthener and blood thinner that requires regular testing. I told him I’d had A-fib in the past; he wanted to know how did I know; was it diagnosed? So, after another EKG and an electrosound (like having a baby checked), he was able to tell me that the A-fib was on-going. The young tech who was doing the tests seemed to get a kick out of the confrontation. I asked him if he has DO NOT RESUSCITATE cards handy. He said that should be included in my power of attorney for health care. Which won’t do me much good, if I’m picked up by EMTs. I did put your name as a contact into Dr. Certain’s.
I have promised to have the grass at Cate Street cut by someone else, a victory for the puddy.
Finally, the good doctor said the prescriptions could probably be got at Walmart for four dollars each. I told him we do not patronize Walmart. LOL
The non-specialist Dr. Snow figured I could go 10-15 years with some pills. LOL

FUROSEMIDE to get rid of fluids -2