The rage is not irrational

Krugman opined
He’s missing the point.
The united states of America are a federation or corporation, an artificial body whose outlines are defined in the main body of the Constitution, along with the specific duties and obligations of the members. An addendum tags on certain prohibitions which agents of government have been known to indulge

The constitution also ptovided
for the creation state corporations, again with parhicular duties and obligations, including the authority to create yet inferior corporations for coomercial and other purposes. Also authorized was the creatiom of religious corporations whose moral base exempted them from the regulatory norm, including the payment of taxes

For some reason, when the state legislative bodies came to specifying the functions of commercisl and industrial and corporations engaged in manufacture and transport, the Congress and state legislatures dropped the ball. They even came to argue that theses artificial corporations, one of whose primary purposes is to void pesonal responsibility, are actually to be considered as if they were natural moral persons, entitled to the principle of probity (that all their actions are presumably good, until proved otherwise).

While there was some sense that perhaps industrial enterprise is not uniformly bebeficial, Congress authorized agencies to collect data just in case problems turned out. And so industries were encouraged/ bribed to apply for permits which then ended up providing cover when things went wrong. The result is that since thes entities cannot be formally restricted, under the health and safety guise agencies have imposed restrictions on individual natural persons instead.

So, in our community with multiplw superfund chemical waste sites, instead of the sites being mandated to clean up,the EPA has instructed residents not to eat the fish and shellfish. That has spawned Rage. The assault weapon and open cary rules have spawned similar disgust because, as a result of weapons being sold and produced, many of our public building where guns are off limits now force everyone to be chacked as if they were boarding a plane.

Individual moral persons are not supposed to be regulated. So, why has congress falled down on the job? They apparently like having rogue corporations at their beck and call. For sure, they do not like all the rules and regulationd that govern them.

Maybe a unitary executive will let them do what they want.