Thought for the day

For some reason, the reality that governmental entities are not empowered to deliver services unless they are requested/demanded. Somehow, our economic model got perverted. The private market of goods and services was described as being “driven” by demand while governmental offerings were categorized as automatic and unwanted. Why this peversion when, in fact, the market relies on constant propaganda and public services are constrained by having to be demanded? Is it simply a metter of jealousy that public entities have an automatic dedicated income stream and private enterprise is beset by uncertainty?

That thought does not make me any more inclined to seek medical attention. I figure that at 78 years I have lived long enough and am not looking for an artificial extension. Though, I did ingest two aspirin today.
Yesterday was pretty horrid:
Pain in jaw (upper and lower)
Increasing tinitus
Shortness of breath
Burning sensation in both arms and hands
Cold sweat (never had that before)