Dear Ms. Thompson and Ms. Leif:

My wife and I own tax parcel 02-00202, a 2.23 acre property abutting the west side of the historic Brunswick/Altamaha Canal and located between two large undeveloped parcels owned by Glynn County. Although our property is zoned Forest Agriculture, the 2018 Future Land Use Map indicates that it is proposed to be rezoned as Industrial, as is Glynn County land immediately to the north and south of our property as well as three single-family residential properties immediately north of our property.

While I understand that Glynn County could take our land by eminent domain and also take the land of our residential abutters to the north, I do not understand why those who designed and approved FLUM 2018 apparently contemplated future industrial development being accessed by way of narrow winding roads through the well-established “Country Walk” suburban development on the southeast side of Harry Driggers Boulevard.

Under what Glynn County administrative or appeal procedure may we challenge this proposed rezoning?

Julian Smith