Spare me your concern.

Well, in the southland concern is suspect, if only because its formal version, Concerned Citizens Councils, bode well for no-one. The people who formed them up were enmeshed in a web of fear and shame since their exclusive behavior had doubtless earned them some emnity.

But, that is not my issue. For the longest time actually thought my mothers expressions of concern for my welfare were sincere, even as I came to realize as a mother of three, that she’d been a most reckless parent. Who takes a child from a loving father and doting relatives half way ‘round the globe on a whim?

Granted, it did not look like a whim. Her emigration from Germany was a years long scheme that required a web of deceptions and involved a coterie of more or less willing assistants.

Anyway, for about the next forty years I took expressions of concern for my welfare at face value. While I was dealing with three children under four and remodeling a house, the suggestiin that I needed a housekeeper just seemed uncalled for. Her announcement that, although we had prepared a suite for her in our house, she’d not “babysit” the grandkids was a damned inconvenience for about nine months; until she decided to move out.

I am slow. I realized that again a couple of months ago when someone who took up a lot of my time without demonstrable result told me I had too much on my agenda. At least this time I was able to decide that yes, polishing silver is actually more fun.

How come time wasters do not realize they are wasting other people’s time?