Of bulls and cows, sort of

Well, voting is actually one of the OBLIGATIONS of citizenship. But, it would have sounded silly to deny an obligation, so they called it a right and pretended it was some great gift from the Constitution. All sorts of exclusions have been practiced to benefit those desiring privilege, people who want to be special without doing anything. You know, like the heirs of financial fortunes. Oh to be a celebrity at birth; to be born with a silver spoon in one’s mouth! Imagine how many secret yearnings were mocked when Ann Richards transformed it into a foot. About as many as were insulted by “basket of deplorables.” It may feel good, but it is not wise to dismiss the only aspiration some people have. When Trump attacks the press, he is trying to promote the notion that the people with whom he “is speaking,” are being denied their inheritance of free speech and he is giving them their only claim to fame back. Talk about a cheap trick. “You are great because you get to speak.”