Yes, so it is.

Trump does not incite. He validates attitudes which falsely assign blame where it does not belong and lets the real perps off the hook. If our natural resources are depleted or polluted and the currency is misappropriated, that is Congress’ fault, regardless of partisan affiliation. When Trump implied that the corporations were at fault, he lied, as did Obama and Sanders before him. Now when he assigns fault to migrants because the Capitolians need corporations to support their retention in office, the fault is assigned to migrants whose access to the voting booth is minimal, unless all their relatives overcome their fears and go to the polls.

Blaming someone else is the do-nothing triangulator’s constant/conservative/self-protective mode.

Nationalism is not synonymous with racism, though both are based on figments of the imagination. Nationalism is a designation of a geographic area as peculiar; racism posits a hominid peculiarity which does not exist. Both are figments of the imagination, evidence of human intellect infatuated with itself. Plato identified this predilection as idealism. Which, if nothing else, tells us that the idea fixation as being more important that real life has been around for a long time. Plato posited that the idea comes first and then man applies it to some experience. i would argue that experience, perceptions registered by the various sense comes first and then humans put a name to it. Does the sequence matter? Somehow, an idea in search of reality strikes me as less reliable than an experience that has to be named.