I’m done.

I put a lot of time and effort and research into trying to help correct the mistakes that were being perpetrated on a piece of the national seashore known as the Sea Island Spit.

However, it turned out that the person looking for assistance was mainly interested in being proved right and, in the process, having the errant landowners harassed. Not being a secretive person myself, I missed how important the subterfuge was—that schadenfreude is more important that protecting the natural environment from destruction.

If Sea Islands Acquisition is on the road to financial ruin as was the Sea Island Company, also a land speculator, before them, I will not be surprised, but I also do not wish it for them. Lots of innocent, well-meaning people have been and will be hurt. There is no pleasure in that.

I have been accused of being philosophical. I suspect the accuser does not know what philosophy or, for that matter, what love of anything means. It may be the person confuses capture and acquisition with love. How lucky for nature that the camera was invented.

The eagle captures to feed itself and its young. Human hunters, more often than not, are into ego-enhancement. Schade, but no Freude and no Freund.

This “apology” was apparently written about the time this post was composed. Recognizing meanness and then asserting the appropriateness of a particular behavior is not reassuring. Indeed, it is the secrecy that I find counter-productive. It is undermining my efforts on behalf of the environment and the community and so I am done.

Hannah, I have had time to think about my being so vulgar about giving out our flight dates in an e-mail and want to apologize for my being so mean to you…. Forever, I have kept from the public as much as possible about my movements in documenting what, where and when I go into the field to do this work. When you sent out that e-mail with the photo of Julian and I for some reason it just made me go ballistics, therefore, my response back to you. Most areas we look at can not be controlled by the perpetrator so easily, however, those with discharge pipes can be controlled at the whim of the operator. If these entities know when we are going to be in the air they can create/control what they want us to see.

When I was the Riverkeeper I seldom visited these areas on week days, always on week ends and holidays when their guards were down and it showed us what they were really doing.

I do apologize for being so rotten to you and will do better in the future…