Deripaska in Kentucky

$200 million out of $1.3 billion is about 17%. So far, not a penny of the promised investment has been turned over. The project is a campaign ploy, an exercise in getting free press and a promise of employment that never materializes.
Given that McConnell is one of the leaders of Congress and Congress is in charge of the distribution of dollars, if McConnell wanted to help Kentucky, he would send the dollars directly instead of having them funneled through Wall Street and Moscow banks and “investment vehicles.” Fact is that so far not one shovel of dirt has been turned at the proposed site for the aluminum mill, which is likely to be just as polluting as a paper mill.
Why have industries not had enough dollars to clean up their operations? Because Congress has been rationing the distribution of the currency to reward those who “control” the voters (unions or corporate paymasters) who keep them in power. By officially severing the connection between currency and gold, Richard Nixon inadvertently released power lust on Capitol Hill. At first they tried to stem the flow of dollars with price controls. When that did not work, Wall Street was deployed with gigantic interest rates, but that constricted themselves. So then Congress hit on privatization whereby the currency for public works would be funneled through “private” contractors that would take a cut for themselves and keep the workforce in line.
How does that work? Come election time, the contractor (highway, military, energy, heavy industry) invites the incumbent to the factory floor to let everybody know who controls the strings on the legislative floor. They used to call it pork. They used to talk about enterprise being suckled at the public teat. But now, in the era of PC we talk about “public/private partnerships” and pretend nobody is being exploited.
Also, the party of no is expert at promoting things (laws, regulations, trade agreements, rights, investments) that ultimately go nowhere. That is because they are all for show. One of the latest scams is to artificially inflate the value of land (by proposing to mine it or build something obnoxious or tout a foreign buyer) and then get some suckers to buy them out. That worked for Florida Power with the Santa Fe swamp forty years ago.
Finally, how come Manafort’s connection to McCain’s International Republican Institute at whose Moscow office Manafort met Kilimnick has never been explored. Has the IRI taken over the subversive mission of USAID?