This I like……

Racism is a nothingburger. The suffix negates the main word. Which id doubly accurate, since there is no such thing as race when we are talking about humans. Thereis no there there.

However, it is ironically appropriate for two reasons.

1) We are talking about hollow men, empty shells.

2) We are ralking about the perps, tather than the vics. That is progress.

Next we will have to talk about how to stop these machine-like creatures toting killing machines. It is hollow men toting machines which suggests that, since there is nobody there, the machines are a tell. From which we can conclude that if we want the machines to stop killing, they must be removed. This has nothing to do with persons bearing or not baring arms. We are only talking about machines, killing machines which, being property, are easy to identify and quantify.

There really is a good reason why our whole judicial system is mostly focused on property. Property is material, easy to quantify, identify and collect. Motives, on the other hand, are really hard to detect. So, it does not much matter whether the perps carrying around killing machines are motivated by racism, patriotism, mother love or Trump adulation. What matters are the killing machines which tell us they are up to no good.