“I am a Trump man”

In the morning’s local Georgia paper, a person writes “I am a Trump man.” How are people who identify with an obviously limited person who has “made it bigly” going to react when he fails spectacularly? How are people who yearn to be loved and enfolded going to react to the spectacle of victims being consoled. Will their jealousy be enhanced?

How many people identify with Trump BECAUSE they perceive him to be abused and disparaged as they routinely are? Yes, white supremacy is an illusion, based on wishful thinking, based on the reality that recent migrants get more attention than they do, that the migrant children can demand toothpaste and be listened to while they have to have fund drives to put sanitary supplies in the local schools.

Yes, we know that 98% of the U.S. population has been impoverished in the last forty years, but what does that mean?

It means:

clothes that fall apart after a few washings

shoes that make your feet stink

sugar water that makes you sick (so does the water coming out of the well)

hats with just a third of a brim, to shade the eyes or neck, but not both

vehicles that run over pedestrians

cops that shoot people walking on their own feet

regimented education

paper dishes

half empty food packages

mountains of trash

carbon-coated lungs and tooth decay

a choice between pesticide or a roach-infested house

being locked up (at home or in prison) or living on the street

After being bombed for a couple of years, Germany’s cities were more livable than some of our slums. It should, however, be noted that the “creative destructionists” reommend exactly the equivalent of bombing as the solution to our problems. “Get rid of the unfit and start over. That’s the ticket.”