Krugman asks

Why Republicans have become enablers of terrorism. Terror is a cheap instrument of control—i.e a natural for lazy people. Yes, Republicans are lazy.

Actually, the tax cuts, implemented by Congress, are not just a distraction; they are an effort to shift the blame. After all, what are being manipulated and randomly distributed and collected are IOUs, pieces of paper or electronic bits that represent obligations and which can be issued ad infinitum, now that the spurious ties to gold, a relatively scarce mineral, have been definitively severed.

Congress, realizing that its habit of allocating resources to keep themselves in office would only be effective, if the resources were kept artificially scarce, set out on a campaign of rationing and suborned hoarders (loafers) into helping them by letting them keep all of the worthless stuff and then persuading the electorate that there just is not enough of the worthless stuff.

The lie about trickle down wasn’t that stingy hoarders would have to be given more to make them less stingy. The lie was that the hoarders are to blame for Congress critters not doing the job of providing for the general welfare and providing “protection” instead. Protection is a scam, whether it is offered by insurance companies, Mafia dons or the cops. The reason protection is a scam is because it necessarily presumes a threat and, in the interest of efficiency and veracity, the protectors sponsor the threat. Are the perpetrators of violence conscious of their participation in the scam? Very often not. But the protectors know that, if the violence stops, they will have nothing to offer protection from. So they promote the production and distribution of instruments of death.

After all, dead people will not be able to vote against them, will they? And maybe their grieving relatives will be too scared to leave the house.

Where does Trump fit into this? He’s like one of the actors in Shakespear’s Hamlet to whom it is said “Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounced it to you, trippingly on the tongue” but he keeps garbling it. Out come lies that are so blatant they force the exposure of the truth.

What truths has Trump exposed?

that the Presidency is toothless
that the currency is worthless
that lies are easy to prove
that words do hurt someone
that Congress is full of sadists
that sadists injure on purpose