20 Years Ago Sanders went shopping in Canada for cheaper drugs

Yes, and twenty years later, what did this eye-opening excursion get us? Bernie Sanders’ continued empathy for the victims of corporate exploitation.
Corporation are artficial man-made bodies authorized by political jurisdictions (states) which could, if they wanted, specify the mode of operation, as Wisconsin has recently done with unions, for example, and as the U.S. Constitution models.
Yes, states and the federal union are all also corporations. If they are reluctant to supervise and restrict their clones, it is likely because they too would like to be exploiters, rather than servants.
The Constitution embodies two radical notions. The first is that man is good, contradicting the belief in original sin. The second is that the people govern. So, while our establishments of religion, privileged corporations, argue for the need to “save” human beings from themselves, our agents of government would persuade us that they are in charge.